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Our expertise has allowed us to discover that traditional media is unfortunately not well focused, mostly poorly targeted, and inevitably generates a considerable amount of budget waste. For the past decade, Santa Fe Communications Group has embarked in the conquering of the digital domain, and the creation of a cross pollinating distribution network designed to reach most Latinos on both sides of the border. Our expertise in the Hispanic marketplace allow us to be the only digital marketing firm that exploits database engagement correlations between Latino families divided by borders. We are perfecting the artform of incrementing transactions by cross border decision making.


Our proprietary digital solution HRL – Hispanic Ring Lead emerges after years of collecting a robust database of consumers and tried filtered replicable mechanisms that utilize our video centric content to generate the performance base engagement that no other media has ever guaranteed to your operation. While others concentrate in perfecting their expertise on one funnel using several tactics, our HRL Platform is programmed to align all five premium funnels and all tactics behind our clients: DISPLAY, OTT/CTV, WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, and GOOGLE, alongside any other current marketing efforts.


Our projects are enhanced with the activation of our Radio/TV 1 Network. Via this massive group of broadcasting affiliates and publications, Santa Fe Communications Group reaches a weekly audience of more than 23 million Latinos in the North American territory. Our customer portfolio benefits from creative services customized in-house, and the distribution of radio and TV segments including vignettes, live announcer messages, pre-recorded promotional vehicles of different durations, and printed announcements.


Our customers benefit from the exclusive access to the TU ERES AMERICA system database secured through our partners in the money transfer industry. The TEA program that counts with 4 million registered Latinos that generate 1.5 million monthly transactions. Our platform performs filtering of the campaign’s unique databases to identify the universe-target of migrants in the United States. Remittances from the United States to Mexico will grow 8.4% in 2020 despite the pandemic. Mexicans in the United States currently generate 67 Million annual financial transactions to Mexico.


Customers and associates of Santa Fe Communications Group receive promotional support from our Call Center which generates more than 500,000 monthly calls generated by Latinos from the United States. Our Call Center is used to receive and answer questions from consumers who want to obtain more information about your products and services, or desire to conduct a transaction verbally connected with our bilingual operators. All the ground, air, and digital messages in our campaigns incorporate a #800 number unique to each campaign. Our Call Center incorporates chat communication systems via Messenger and WhatsApp as well, form submits, and eCommerce sales.


Clients of Santa Fe Communications Group benefit from having an exclusive presence in our network of churches, community groups, and social media destinations, counting with more than 15 million Latinos. The community platform of Santa Fe Communications Group involves evangelical congregations, Catholic organizations and churches, regional Mexican federations, farmers and workers groups, Latino chambers of commerce, and Hispanic trade unions for the mass activation of their members through social media.


Our audience targeting solutions are uniquely architected to enable highly localized planning, execution, and attribution, using a variety of web landing pages. Our mix of tactics is customized for each client after years of collecting a robust database of consumers and tried filtered replicable mechanisms that utilize our video centric content to generate the performance base engagement that no other media has ever guaranteed to your operation. Our digital campaigns deemphasize attributions like Clicks, Visits, and Likes, while prioritizing the real performance interests of our clients: Calls, Messages, Leads, and Transactions.


Santa Fe Communications Group builds an event calendar for each campaign containing virtual and live events, some of original creation and some existing, to promulgate the sponsorship of a series of public in-out outreach events using the convening power of the Hispanic Media. Our calendar includes caravans transporting mobile registration units, simultaneous visits to target populations, and the production of original customized relevant events in places identified as high traffic areas for Latinos.

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